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It's all about positioning

Positioning is the start of everything we do. We do positioning exercises for brands such as products, services, firms and organisations. Good positioning is not only crucial for effective innovation true service design. It also leads to a clearer visual identity, better communication insights and synergic partnerships. We have the insights, process and creativity to build strong positioning for brands.

“People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it”Simon Sinek

It’s all about methodology

No results come without a plan. We’ve learned some useful things from books we like and from work we’ve done. We use our knowledge to make our plans. There’s no mathematical formula but there is need for rigor and process to get results. But our plans are not set in stone. If new insights spring up, we are agile and adapt: it’s the useful outcome that counts, not the plan.

“If strategy is a fixed plan that sets out a reliable path to an eventual goal, then it is likely to be not only disappointing but also counterproductive. Adding flexibility and imagination, however, offers a better chance of finding great opportunities.”Prof. Lawrence Freedman

It's all about creativity

Methodology is nothing without imagination. Methodology only provides you with a useful roadmap and in different hands it will lead to different results. Applied creativity doesn’t just lie in the hands of advertising creatives.  We are neither business nor marketing consultants - we are creative brand strategists.

“What good strategy can do is give you a better result than might have been expected just by looking at the resources available at the start. It’s about getting more out of situations that might otherwise have been expected. That’s why it’s creative.”Les Binet and Peter Field

It's all about working with you

Collaboration is a kind of intimacy. Working together is all about combining knowledge and know-how. We use a range of tools to make that happen. Why’s it important? Because it leads to better results.

“The minute you think that you know more than another is the minute you close yourself off from others. The people right next to you are the people who can inspire you the most. Everyone has a different background and a different story to tell.”Jeffrey Corrado, Hyper Island

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